If you want to increase the profitability of your business, developing a detailed audience acquisition plan is crucial. Understanding how to attract, inform, and entice consumers to your business is essential for long-term growth and revenue generation. One of the smartest ways to attract more eyeballs to your business is by offering informative, entertaining, and educational content. Incorporate the following five tips into your business content marketing plans and you’ll turbocharge your audience acquisition efforts in 2019.

1) Integrate data analysis into your content creation strategy. The more effort you put into creating data-backed content, the greater your chances of increasing your digital marketing ROI (return on investment).

2) Monitor trends across numerous industries. You’ll be amazed at how a trend in one industry can have implications for seemingly unrelated industries. Whether it’s blockchain technology and artificial intelligence or digital marketing and business automation, the ability to apply lessons learned from trend watching to your industry will give you a distinct advantage over competitors.

3) Work on improving your storytelling skills. If you want to win at the content marketing game, you must ensure your audience is never bored. Integrate multiple content formats into your storytelling strategy and you’ll be impressed at the power of content marketing to grow your business.

4) Exceed the expectations of your target audience. When you create a piece of content, ask yourself what you can do to make it exceptional. Don’t be happy with “good enough” content, but instead double-down on content that impresses and is share-worthy.

5) Pay attention to content format trends to spot growth opportunities. Anything from podcasts to video marketing can help grow your company, especially if your competitors are relying on traditional text-based content. Don’t be afraid to try different content formats if you think they’re appropriate for your target audience.

Incorporate these five top tips into your 2019 content marketing strategy and there’s a good chance you’ll win the audience eyeball acquisition game. Building a brand via content outreach takes consistent effort, but the rewards can be substantial for savvy storytelling brands. Will you be upping your content marketing efforts in 2019 to increase your company’s growth rate?