Learning how to sell advertising is one of the most important e-commerce marketing strategies you can master. Selling ad space on your site can help you generate extra revenue and monetize your site. Even if you’re already selling products on your site, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore generating a passive income from your web space. This is a smart business strategy that’s extremely easy to master.

Survey Your Audience

Before you start advertising, you need to know what your audience is looking for. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask them. It’s easy to set up a survey form on your site. Many sites offer free survey widgets. If you’re using WordPress for your site, you can use a survey plug-in to add a survey to your site. A site survey is an essential tool for gaining visitor insights.

Set Up an Advertising Section

Some sites relegate ads to a single page on their site. Other sites maximize earnings by setting aside sections of the site to display ads. These sections usually have different values. Sections that are prominent are worth more. You can charge more for ads placed in headers than you can with ads placed in lower portions of the page.

Develop an Advertising Kit

Marketing directors are motivated by metrics. You need an advertising kit that is metric-driven to appeal to most marketing professionals. You’ll need to include information about your site’s traffic and rankings in this kit. You’ll also want to include audience details and a visitor profile. Your advertising options and rates should also be added to the kit. Tips for advertisers to optimize their ads are also very helpful.

Create a Winning Pitch

Before hitting advertisers with your offering, you may want to give your ads a trial run for a few specialized advertisers. You can approach friends or local businesses with this pitch, which will give you time to practice your pitch before delivering it to larger networks. This practice will also help you out when you are working with larger networks. If advertisers see your site already populated with quality ads, your site will be more desirable as an advertising option.

Connect With an Advertising Network

Once you start serving more ads, you might want to connect with an advertising network. These sites are plentiful and have different payout times and advertising features. Advertising networks generally charge a commission fee for their services. However, these providers take care of all the heavy lifting by collecting payments and connecting with advertisers. Using this type of service is much easier than having to run around looking for advertisers to fill ad slots each month.

It would be a mistake to neglect adding additional revenue options to your website. Earning passive income can help you increase your bottom line without you having to add additional tasks to your daily list of things to do. Generating revenue through this medium is easy to do. In most cases, all you have to do is add a widget or extra line of code to your site and watch the dollars roll in.