Building a digital marketing agency is one of the most realistic ways of creating online income. Whether you are focusing on local businesses or taking a global approach, you can usually find clients when your promises can be backed up with results. It might only take a handful of clients to make a good living, with the possibility of bringing on additional staff as you grow. However, taking this type of agency to the next level is far trickier. The large agencies have a different approach to securing clients, running the business, and delivering results. With the right mindset and planning, it is possible to start small and gradually build your agency to a significant size.

Develop Systems

You may be able to take an ad hoc approach when working with a small number of clients. Working on bigger projects, though, requires a more considered process. Developing systems ensures every client gets a premium service that is proven to work. You may need to adapt certain parts for each new campaign, but the bulk of the work can be reproduced for every new project.

Use Software

Software is essential for the various stages of operation. Much of the work of a digital agency involves SEO, paid traffic, and social media. There are tools that can optimize each of these elements, including keyword research, ad tracking, and social content analysis. You can also use software to both find and manage clients, ensuring they are informed as their campaigns take shape.

Build a Solid Team

In the early days, many agencies are solo operations. It is possible to perform many of the tasks individually, using outsourcing sites to help with various tasks like graphics, article writing, and web design. As your agency grows, it is worth building a team with individuals that bring their own expertise. Larger agencies typically have project managers, a sales team, and people with knowledge of traffic and conversions.

Invest in Training

The online world is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay on top of new developments. Investing in training ensures that you and your team are able to provide the best service to clients. Even though you may be learning each day within your business, there will be specialist training on each aspect that a digital agency covers.

Get Reviews and Testimonials

A significant part of gaining clients is through a positive reputation. Most towns and cities will have marketing agencies, so the average business won’t know who to trust. Ideally, your clients will recommend you to their friends and associates, making the sales process very easy. Encouraging your clients to post reviews online, though, will ensure your reputation secures clients who are conducting some deeper searches.

Incentive Client Recommendations

Some clients will recommend you to others, but you can’t rely on this as a way to build a large agency. Instead, creating incentives for clients will ensure clients actively recommend you to relevant partners with the budget to pay a recurring fee. One simple method is to offer a discount or free month if a recommendation leads to a new client.

Focus on Large Enterprises

Small businesses will be central to most growing agencies. There are so many local businesses requiring digital marketing assistance, so it makes sense to work with them. For the most successful agencies, though, their core client base will be larger enterprises. These bigger businesses will typically have substantial budgets, allowing them to invest over a longer period of time. If you can deliver for established brands, it is possible to shift the focus of your agency to these more lucrative clients.

Many entrepreneurs will be happy to build a small agency that allows them to focus on a limited number of clients. Growing a business inevitably comes with challenges, so it is important to decide if this is a goal you want to set. A bigger team will be required and you may be less hands-on with many of the services you offer. However, you don’t have to limit yourself because of these challenges. If you can satisfy a small pool of clients, there is no reason you cannot do the same with greater numbers. As your reputation grows, you can start to secure some of the bigger brands that might have first appeared far out of reach.