5 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Website’s SEO Scores on any Search Engine

If you were to search Google for “Free Traffic”, the top tip they’re going to promote is Search Engine Optimization- which boils down plugging in some keywords and phrases. Anyone can copy and paste phrases here and there to go a few spaces higher on search engines, but it takes real talent to market your site and get lasting results and POWERFUL results with your contents’ SEO.


Here are five of the most effective ways to get completely free traffic and improve your website’s OVERALL Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


Secret to SEO Power #1: Networking to Improve SEO

Online forums and communities are a great place to begin networking. The best thing about this types of site is that you get exactly the audience you want and you can fit the demographic that you need to market your product as efficiently as possible. Also, these options target a particular niche in your perspective market or demographic. This means that you’ll have all the resources you need to answer informed questions about your product. Use these specific niches to build a professional reputation to help you market your product. What you’ll notice is how quickly you become a person of trust and expertise- and you’ll begin to see huge dividends.


BOTTOME LINE: If you were to ask a business teacher how to get ahead they tell you- networking. Proper networking gives you the advantage over someone that’s plugging in keywords and trying basic tactics. Gathering an audience and putting your product out there is a tried and true approach that’s worked for centuries.


Secret to SEO Power #2: Using Online Media to Boost Internet Marketing

It’s important to also make use of all different forms of media. Expand your product base to a newsletter format and provide users with catalogs of products that are interesting and entertaining. With this approach, you’ll notice that more and more people will sign up for your informative and carefully marketed newsletters. This allows you to recommend your product to various other people prior to your networking. The more people who sign up, the more your traffic will increase with your revenue and digital marketing dramatically.


BOTTOM LINE: You have to have unique media- otherwise you’re just a cookie cutter of every other business out there. Taking the time to provide things for your potential clients to look at is just good business.


Secret to SEO Power #3: Trading Links to Lower Your Website’s PPC (pay per click)

This marketing tactic boils down to good communication between two sites’ webmasters who have reached an agreement to lower costs dramatically. These links could be recipes, product suggestions, or even media sources who’ve written an article about your good or service. When links are exchanged, both sites gain the benefit because they begin to share traffic that goes to these sites- potentially doubling business for both parties with quality marketing tactics that exploit a similarly featured niche- this is called traffic exchange- and you don’t have to pay for it through advertising venues.


BOTTOM LINE: Trading links with established sources like newspaper websites can skyrocket hits to your webpage. Even trading links with a friendly webmaster is beneficial, but don’t start adding random links- these types of back links can hurt your SEO scores.


Secret to SEO Power # 4: Good & Frequently Updated Content to Push Your Content to the Top

Every piece of content on your website needs to have the ability to entice a particular demographics’ interest. If it doesn’t, you’re wasting your bandwidth even offering it. Focus on perfecting one particular topic, and redesign any sloppy webpages to be catchier. Add visual aids, but avoid overburdening with visual effects. Balance white space with articles that provide excellent knowledge on good, quality services to people and this will provide the mileage that you need to make money on your traffic flow.


BOTTOM LINE: Good content is more important than ever, as modern search engines are cracking down on spinning tactics and other poor writing styles. This is possible by tracking down the keyword phrases your site uses, and determining how they are used. You don’t HAVE to have content written by a professional writer- but it always helps. If you go it alone, remember that it must be entertaining and informational, as well as flowing and meet great quality requirements.


Secret to SEO Power #5: Free Submission and Posting For Free, Successful Back Links

Many sites on the World Wide Web offer free submission of your content pieces. If your content is interesting- and it’s top quality, then they have a high probability of following the post to find out where it comes from. This is even better achieved by inserting a link and a description of your company and the article so that they know, without a doubt that it’s your product.


BOTTOM LINE: If you can put something out there about your site, do it. Some common ways that people promote their sites for free are on classified ads, submissions to various directories, and even inclusions in listings on webpages. Not all are gold mines, but some result in a huge amount of free traffic.


Internet users, especially in the age of mobile communication are using search engines more and more to find what they want. This means that it’s more important to target the right keywords and manipulate the way you’re writing your documents so that you get the search engine results your business needs, without paying expensive featured advertisement costs. Use these tips to get those results.

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